Love and Basketball

Corrected entry: Monica's sister says she could go to her championship game but she had to leave at half time because she had "a hottie" coming to her room to help her study. At the end of the championship game when Monica is crying her sister, who never left at half time, is saying "it's all right Monica".

Correction: Character decision - the guy might not have sown up, her sister might have not liked the guy, he might have not liked her, etc. Not a plot problem.

Corrected entry: In the Third Quarter 1988-89 scene where Quincy asks his father to leave his life, there is a poster of the Dream Team on the back of the door. The Dream Team was assembled for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona Spain. Three years after the scene allegedly takes place.

Correction: The poster was out at that time, as I had one myself. The Dream team was a concept before the 92 Olympics, plus the members on the poster were not all members of the Olympic team in 1992.

Corrected entry: At the beginning when Quincey's mom brings her new neighbours the "Fake and Bake" cake, she puts her hand up for Monica's mom to give her a high five. Then she pulls her hand down to her shoulder but in the next shot her hand is back up.

Correction: When she lifts her hand to give her a hi-five, she doesn't put her hand all the way down, she acts like she was gonna scratch her head. It was never down.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Monica's sister is combing her hair, Monica's mother starts to rub her head and you hear Monica ask her "You're okay?" If you look at her lips they never move.

Correction: Monica isn't the one who asks if she is ok, it's her sister Leena who asks. Watch it closely and look at Leena when it's being said (time 08:02).

Corrected entry: Toward the end of the movie when Monica is coming home from work at the bank, she gets out of the car and Quincy laughs as she stumbles while walking. She takes her shoes off and has them in her hand while they are having the conversation about why basketball is no fun anymore. When the conversation is over and she starts to go inside she has her shoes back on even though she never put them back on while they were talking.

Correction: When she walked away she still had them in her hand because while Q was starring at her she trips on something and you can see she has no shoes on.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, when Monica and Quincy are playing one on one, Monica is at one point wearing just a Nike sports bra. In one shot there is a Nike symbol near the strap and in the next shot it is gone. It reappears in the following shot.

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Quincy: All's fair in love and basketball.

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