The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Corrected entry: At one point in the film, Benjamin de-ages too quickly. In 1941, in a scene taking place just after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he is shown as having a head of severely thinning white hair (long white hair, but thin on top). Four years later, in 1945, he has a full head of thick blonde hair, without so much as a receding hairline. If you reverse it in terms of a normal aging person, this means in only 4 years his hair very noticeably thinned out and turned from completely blonde to completely white. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the film, in which he seems to de-age at a more normal rate.


Correction: I know several people who went bald before they were out of high school. That's only four years.

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Corrected entry: The eyes of Daisy are described to be blue, which for the first girl (aged approx. 10) in the film they are, however when Benjamin is leaving the elderly home Daisy runs out (aged approx. 15) to say goodbye. Just before she does this her eyes are brown. The next time we see Daisy, when she is dancing, she has blue eyes.

Correction: This is very common in films, since different lighting conditions - such as between those scenes - make the eyes only appear to be different colors.


Corrected entry: Daisy's daughter didn't know her mother was a ballerina, even though she obviously grew up in Daisy's ballet school. We saw her in the ballet school as a teenager when she met Benjamin, her real father.

Correction: She actually said her mother never told her about "those photos", showing her as a world-class ballerina she was. She knew her mother was a ballerina, but didn't know how good and how famous she was.

Corrected entry: When the baby is found on the steps and taken inside, the lady places the baby in a dresser top drawer which is then closed. In the very next shot, as the lady is leaving the room, the top dresser drawer is partially open.

Correction: The lady never closes the drawer fully. It looks likes she does, but she leaves it a little bit open.

Corrected entry: If Benjamin Button's reverse aging only affects his body - as it is stated in the movie - he should, as a baby, possess the intelligence of a geriatric person and be able to express himself. True, it is also stated that he suffers from dementia in old age, yet he should still be able to talk.

Correction: Talking requires skill, which a baby (whether or not it's aged) does not yet have.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, when Mr. Button puts baby Benjamin on the steps of the old folks' home, he sticks some money under the top flap of the blanket. Later, when Queenie flips the flap of blanket off of Benjamin's face, the money isn't there. Later in the film, Queenie mentions the money - it amounts to $18 - so it was really there.

Correction: It's tucked into the blanket on his chest, so her lifting the flap from his face wouldn't reveal it.

Corrected entry: Interesting that there was absolutely no interest from any of the media (newspapers, radio and later, TV and even Internet) in someone as unique as Benjamin Button and his reverse aging. In reality, the media would have been all over this story.

Correction: That's part of the suspension of disbelief. The people in the home merely accept him, both upon birth and before his death, whereas others merely think it's their own interpretation of him making him look younger. It's a big point of the movie.

Corrected entry: When Benjamin was born, he was born the size of a baby - but with old features. Continuing with this theory, he should have died the size of an old man with baby-like features. Instead however, he died looking like a baby, the size of a baby.

Correction: We have to accept the facts of Benjamin's fictional condition as the film presents them. You can't develop a personal theory based solely on the circumstances of his birth, then point to his death and claim that it's a mistake because it doesn't match up to your theory - any hypothesis about his condition has to take into account all the facts presented in the film, not just selective ones.

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