The Children

The Children (2008)

Ending / spoiler

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Following an assortment of crayon in the eye, scapling,gutting/disembowlment various impalments, hit and run over. Leaha, is theonly one of the kids left alive. Elaine & Casey the only adults. Howeverit's revealed that whatever infection took over the children has nowaffected Casey as well.


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At the end, Casey and Elaine flee the house in the Volvo and find Chloe's crashed SUV. As Casey goes to investigate the SUV on foot, Miranda suddenly comes sprinting out of the woods, intending to kill Casey. To save Casey, Elaine rams Miranda with the Volvo, slamming her into the rear of the SUV. A camera shot from inside the SUV looking out shows that Miranda impacted right in the center of the SUV's rear hatch. In the same shot, we see Miranda's lifeless body slowly slide straight down the hatch, meaning her body should have collapsed directly between the Volvo and the SUV. When the camera cuts to an exterior view, we see Miranda's lifeless body stretched out in the snow (parallel to both vehicles) a couple of feet away from the Volvo's front right fender; so her body is now about 6 feet away from where it should be.