God of Cookery

God of Cookery (1996)

Ending / spoiler

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Stephen (Stephen Chow) makes a dish called Sorrowful Rice (which makes whoever eats it to cry and feel sad.. because of his longing for Turkey) and the judge is really impressed but can't declare Stephen the winner because she's being blackmailed and so she declares Tong as the winner. The gods appear and are moved by Stephen's act of love (making the sorrowful dish inspired by his love for Turkey) and his sadness. One of the goddesses reveals that in another life Stephen was an assistant to the Kitchen God and was punished for sharing cooking secrets with mortals by being sent to Earth. The gods kill Tong and turn Tong's associate into a bulldog. Some time later, it's Christmas and Goosehead tells Stephen that Turkey survived the assassination attempt by catching the bullet with her teeth and then got plastic surgery. Turkey appears again, now looking different, and Stephen gives back to her the sketch of two hears she drew for him...

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