Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War Zone (2008)

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The Punisher (Ray Stevenson) is forced to choose between killing Microchip (Wayne Knight) or Angela (Julie Benz) and her daughter Grace while they're being held hostage by Jigsaw (Dominic West) and his brother Jim (Doug Hutchison). Punisher chooses neither one and kills Jim. Jigsaw kills Microchip. Punisher kills Jigsaw. Soap (the cop who knows everything about Punisher) and his partner Budiansky decide to not arrest Punisher. The last scene is Soap being threatened by a mugger and Punisher shoots him...

Racer X

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Frank Castle: Latin Kings.
Micro: Let him go, Frank.
Frank Castle: You know this piece of shit?
Micro: Ex piece of shit.
Frank Castle: Yeah. He's a regular choir boy.
Carlos: Fuck you, cracker.
Micro: Language.



When Soap shows the slides to Budianski, the pictures of Billy Russotti and other gang members are actually screenshots of the movie footage.



During the funeral for the fallen secret agent accidentally killed by the Punisher, the priest reads out a biblical passage. That is Psalm 90, written by Moses.