Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies (1963)

Plot summary

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Some boys are trapped on a desert island because of a plane crash. They are from a military school. There is a pilot with them, the father of one of the boys but he is in both a menatlly and physically unstable condition. He dies, and the boys have to survive by hunting for meat and killing pigs. Eventually they are split into 2 tribes, Jack's tribe and Ralph's tribe. Ralph has been elected chief of the island but most boys are in Jack (the lead hunter)'s tribe. Jack's tribe kill Piggy (the last remaining member of Ralph's tribe) and Ralph is alone. There is a big chase scene during which the boys set fire to the island. Ralph runs out into a clearing to discover a troupe of soldiers who saw the fire and have come to rescue them.


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Ralph: His name's not Fatty. It's Piggy.



Take a look at the size of the rock that the boys push onto Piggy. A rock of that size, falling from that height would've exploded Piggy's head like a ripe melon. It also would've crushed his body into a mangled heap.



The attempt to make the locations look wild and uninhabited were obviously not altogether successful. Near the beginning of the movie, some boys are sitting in a sandy clearing in public-school blazers. On the right of the screen you can clearly see a tent peg with ANTONY M written on it. Also, as one of Jack's choirboy-hunters thrashes through the undergrowth, look closely and you can see that he accidentally impales an old beer can.