Nights in Rodanthe

Continuity mistake: During the scenes at the beginning, when Lane and Gere are at the kitchen table, the wine bottle keeps switching sides.


Continuity mistake: When Lane is yelling at her daughter and Danny's on the couch, her daughter's shirt is first on her shoulder, then it is suddenly off, then suddenly on again. Watch Lane's hands on her shoulder, too.


Continuity mistake: It appears the scene Diane Lane has with Paul's son Mark at her home was filmed at a different time in Diane's life. Her hair is a different color and style and her face looks older. Looks like she had some work done on her face. But then the scenes following, when kids come home and Diane is depressed from Paul's death, she looks like she did at beginning of the movie.

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Dr. Paul Flanner: What keeps you safe?
Adrienne Willis: Well, you fall in love with someone, you know... and you make a family... and you become what you think you're supposed to be. And you change and you give up certain things. Then they look at what you've got left and you wish you... I don't know, you just think maybe you shouldn't have.
Dr. Paul Flanner: Don't.
Dr. Paul Flanner: Just don't do it anymore.
Adrienne Willis: ...Huh.



In the scene about driving to the guest house in Rodanthe, Dr. Flanner is depicted crossing a large bridge after taking a ferry. This is impossible. There is no large bridge of any kind between the ferry on the southern coast of Hatteras Island and Rodanthe, located to the north, mid-way on the island. The bridge shown was actually the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge, a two-mile span connecting Hatteras Island to the northern Outer Banks, which is the direction the character was headed, meaning he went past Rodanthe several miles earlier. Maybe he missed it in the fake sand storm.