Nights in Rodanthe

Factual error: In the scene about driving to the guest house in Rodanthe, Dr. Flanner is depicted crossing a large bridge after taking a ferry. This is impossible. There is no large bridge of any kind between the ferry on the southern coast of Hatteras Island and Rodanthe, located to the north, mid-way on the island. The bridge shown was actually the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge, a two-mile span connecting Hatteras Island to the northern Outer Banks, which is the direction the character was headed, meaning he went past Rodanthe several miles earlier. Maybe he missed it in the fake sand storm.

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Factual error: The doctor parks his car under the house before the storm hits. Since the house is on the beach and the wind and water hit the house, there is no way his car would start and be so clean after such a storm.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Adrienne is in Amanda's bedroom and Danny is there too, you can see set lights on Danny's glasses.

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