Traitor (2008)

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Corrected entry: (Spoilers.) On the ship, Samir pretends to feel ill and is being escorted by the terrorist group's head of security. Samir asks him how many men he has protecting the group's leader, and the security guy replies with a number (can't remember how many). Yet when Samir returns to gun down the terrorist leader, absolutely no security people show up.

Correction: Two things, first Samir is a trusted member of the cell, and is already past the security, in fact is probably counted as part of the security. Second, the RCMP had already boarded the ship, and would have detained the security members they encountered.


Corrected entry: While the marks (the people that are to bomb the bus) are shown boarding the bus, there is a mistake. The plot later reveals that all of the bombers were on the same bus. However, while they board, at least two different bus drivers are shown accepting their tickets. One is an older man and the other is probably a woman with reddish hair (the woman is shown first).

Correction: This is a montage of the terrorists boarding different buses. They came from all over the States to get to one location, and then board a particular bus. They didn't all get on the same bus initially.


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