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Corrected entry: In the car chase scene at the beginning, the Italian Police Defender does not have its roof mounted lights as it rolls down the hill.

Correction: That's because they got broken off when it rolled onto the roof. The roof mounted lights are seen in the shot after hitting the wall and falling down until the first roll over. In one shot you can see where they had been mounted before breaking off.


Corrected entry: During the dogfight, Bond slows down and the smaller plane gets caught in the smoke from the engine, and comes close to stalling. But throughout that entire section the fighter pilot just carries on in the smoke, without firing a shot, despite being in a perfect firing position. This goes beyond a character decision - there's no reason for him not to shoot from that position and/or break off to a safer place, other than it gives Bond the chance to make him crash.

Correction: You can't shoot what you can't see. Besides, having flown in dense fog, similar to smoke, you are concentrating so much on flying the plane, watching the instruments to make sure you don't get inverted unintentionally, you don't think of anything else but flying.


Corrected entry: After Bond throws Mathis into the dustbin, the blood under Bond's tie is visible however in the next scene (after Bond says 'He wouldn't care') the blood is missing from the shirt.

Correction: The blood's only on the left of the tie as we look at it - after that shot Bond's jacket covers it.


Corrected entry: Early shots of the two black Ford Edge trucks show damage on the right front corner of one of them. Later, there is no damage to either vehicle.

Correction: What scene is this in? Please clarify.


Corrected entry: In the underground riverbed as Bond climbs the rocks and discovers the giant reservoir, he is wearing shoes, barefoot, and wearing shoes again.

Correction: He is wearing shoes throughout the whole scene. The girl, however, is barefoot.


Corrected entry: In the final scene where 007 and Camille are battling against Greene, Medrano etc. there is a complete fire going on near them. In reality the temperature in fire would be about 800-1000 Celsius and no person can survive in this temperature this close in and for the amount of time.

Correction: The subjects are near the fire, not in it. It appears they used real fire in the movie; the actors survived (not sure what the submitter means by a "complete" fire).

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: The film begins in Siena during their annual horse race, Palio di Siena, which takes place in mid-August every year. The film then goes to South America and it is still summer instead of winter.

Correction: Even though it's winter, the weather doesn't change drastically that close to the equator. I have a friend in Brazil. In summer the temperature averages high 20s C to 40s, in winter the average is 17C to 23C.


Corrected entry: When Bond is flying the old DC-3, he and the girl are both wearing headsets. The microphones are inches away from their mouths. As an aviator, I know that these mics only function when they are touching the mouth.

Correction: Horsefeathers. I also fly. The microphones attached do *not* need to be touching your lips, though they are clearer when they do. Usually I fly with my mic about an inch to an inch and a half away, and neither my co-pilot, nor ATC have difficulty hearing me when I speak.


Corrected entry: In the opening car chase, Bond's Aston Martin switches from silver to black.

Correction: No it's grey throughout the scene. Occasionally some paint gets scraped up to reveal silver underneath, or sunlight reflects on the surface so the black doesn't show, or it gets covered in parts by light colored dust/silt.


Corrected entry: In the DC3 sequence, Bond lowers the undercarriage in one shot but in the next shot the undercarriage is up again.

Correction: Yes, Bond lowered the landing gear to be able to bounce the plane off the ground, and retracted the gear when it began to climb again.


Corrected entry: During the airborne chase, to escape certain demise in the canyon, Bond applied full power to both engines using the prop control levers (blue) and not the throttle set on the left of central quadrant.

Correction: Because of the rotational inertia of a prop & engine (which is quite significant), the fastest way to increase thrust immediately is to increase pitch. You end up trading rotational inertia of the prop and engine for thrust. NOTE: There are additional caveats - 1) If the engine is non-governed (no governor), the engine will immediately start losing RPM, throttles will need to be increased quickly after increasing pitch. 2) If the engine is governed, no need to increase throttle because the governor will maintain revs. In fact, the best way for maneuverability would be to near-redline the prop and use pitch control only. - you can hear turbo props using the technique w/o redlining when on taxiways. You can hear the props change their bite on the air but the revs don't change.


Corrected entry: In the last scene in the desert he has motor oil in his trunk. But he was driving a Ford Edge Hydrogen with a fuel cell and this car does not need motor oil. (01:21:25)

Correction: Bond took the car from the compound when he went after Greene across the desert. It's likely he got the oil from a different car, when he formed the plan of dumping Greene in the desert without water. The oil did not need to come from that particular car.


Corrected entry: At the end of the DC-3 scene, Bond pulls up the nose of the airplane (up to 90 degrees) in order to put more force on the belt that prevents the cargo from sliding to the back of the airplane. Eventually, the belt tears apart and the cargo slides to the back and falls off the airplane. According to Newton's laws (physics), this wouldn't happen. No matter how you fly the airplane, that belt would never experience a force stronger than the engines' maximum thrust. And this force was already applied during take-off, so the belt would have torn apart then, or not at all.

Correction: Utter rubbish. When the plane takes off, the cargo is held in place not only by the belt but also by simple friction with the floor that it rests on. With the plane pointing straight up in the air at 90 degrees, that friction is no longer present, plus there's a little thing called 'gravity' acting to drag the cargo towards the back of the plane. So the entire force of the cargo's weight is acting on the belt, which wasn't the case at any previous point. Entirely reasonable that it could give way at that point.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Bond gets into the lift escorted by two agents, after being ordered from M that he must return to the UK, the escort seen on the right as the door closes is different to the two escorts Bond fights within minutes later.

Correction: That's because there is four men in the lift.


Corrected entry: When the hydrogen fuel cells explode, there is smoke. Burning hydrogen doesn't make smoke.

Correction: It is true that burning hydrogen doesn't make smoke. But it quickly superheats surrounding material that DOES make smoke. The footage of the Hindenburg crash is a perfect example.


Corrected entry: When Agent Fields meets Bond & Mathis at the airport in La Paz, Bolivia, she claims to be from the Consulate. As a capital city La Paz actually has an Embassy, whereas Consulates are generally found in secondary cities.

Correction: Actually, there are Consulates there as well, they are just housed within the embassy. The Consulate, and Embassy serve different functions.


Corrected entry: During the last scene of the boat chase between Bond and the General's men, the number of chasers keeps changing - sometimes two men, sometimes only one man. The last boat should have two chasers in it, but when the boat crashes, there is only one.

Correction: The second man was knocked out of the boat by Camille.


Corrected entry: When Bond and the girl are plummeting earthward from the plane, they flail about and eventually get the parachute to open a couple of seconds before reaching the ground. In reality, a parachute opening some thirty feet (at most) from the ground would never slow your descent enough to allow them to survive, or at the very least without significant injuries.

Correction: The parachute didn't open fully, just enough to slow their descent enough to avoid being killed. The scene shows the 'chute opening enough to jerk them upwards, slowing their fall enough that they hit the ground without being killed, but sustaining at least unconsciousness. People have survived drops that far without serious injury.

Continuity mistake: After Bond throws Mathis into the dustbin, the position of Mathis' arm changes. One shot it lies in the dustbin; the next shot it lies on the edge of the dustbin. (01:04:05)

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Mr. White: The first thing you should know about us is we have people everywhere.

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Question: Was it on purpose that Strawberry Fields' death look similar to the one in Goldfinger?

Answer: Yes, they filmed it as a reference to Goldfinger.

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