Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Continuity mistake: During the shooting at Eddy's place, when Rory goes in, there is a man next to the wall. His head is almost on his shoulder, but when Eddy and his friend arrive the man's head is up, then in the next shot it is again down on his shoulders.

Continuity mistake: You see Tom and Bacon et al break into the neighbour's place through a back door; however when it cuts back to them, you can see them entering through the front door.

Continuity mistake: When Barry the Baptist is putting the guy's head in the water asking him for the money, notice that the first shot is Barry holding his neck, then in the next shot he is holding his shirt.

Continuity mistake: After all the shooting at Eddy's place, Rory and Plank shoot each other, Rory was standing up and then we hear a body slump to the floor, (just after the two shots). When we see the interior again, Rory is on the couch. Falling on the couch wouldn't have made that noise and I doubt he would have been able to pick himself up after a point blank blast with a shotgun.

Continuity mistake: The last scene, when Tom is to throw the rifles out from the bridge, before doing so, he unwraps them to take a final look. Then he wraps them again, takes them out of the car and throws. When he realizes that the rifles are lying on the other side of the rail he tries to grab them. Then we can see that they are tied together with two strings, although Tom only wrapped them.

Continuity mistake: When Dog throws Winston the keys to open the cage, the trajectory of the keys as shown would have had Winston catching the keys at waist height. But he catches the keys at a chest high level.

Continuity mistake: When Dog and his gang are about to get their drugs hijacked, watch as Dog sits down and picks up the phone. He turns right around, enough to see Bacon, who doesn't move. But in the next shot, Bacon moves his shotgun to point it at Dog while Dog is still turning his head. (01:03:00)

Continuity mistake: After Winston opens the cage and lets Dog and his gang into the house, Dog grabs him and headbutts him hard in the face, but Winston has no blood, bruises or swelling on his face at any time afterwards.

Continuity mistake: When Gloria picks up the Bren gun, we see Winston and Charles sitting up looking at each other in surprise, but seconds earlier, both had been tied up on the floor.

Continuity mistake: You see Tom and Bacon et al break into the neighbour's place through a back door; however when it cuts back to them, you can see them entering through the front door.

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Student: We, er, shot one of them in the, em, throat.
Rory Breaker: What do you want? A medal? I'll shoot you in the fucking throat if I don't get my ganja back.

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Trivia: Producer Matthew Vaughn makes a cameo as the yuppie whose car is stolen by Dog.

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Question: For the card game at Hatchet Harry's: one of the rules is that an open man can't see a blind one. I'm only familiar with "blind" referring to forced bets at certain spots on the table (e.g. the opening antes for Texas Hold 'Em). For this it seems to be a designation of the bet, for example when Harry counters Eddie's 10K, open, with 20K, blind, which is then topped by 20K, open. Could someone explain to me what open/blind means?

Answer: First, keep in mind they're not playing poker. It's similar, but there isn't a check/bet/call. They put in money, and you have to match it, then it's back on the other guy to match or raise. If you "see" the last guys bet, you put in double, and the cards are shown. Yes, "blind" means you didn't look, "open" means you did.

Answer: When you play a poker hand blind (I think it's in 5 card draw poker) you bet without looking at your cards and so you don't get the chance to change any cards. The others that are betting against you (the opens) have seen their cards, exchanged as many of their 5 cards as they want but then have to double your bet amount.

Answer: They're playing "3-card Brag." In this game, to play blind, you're not looking at your cards when betting. There are certain advantages to this because you only have to put in half the bet while blind. When the round gets to 2 players remaining, if one person wants to "see" a player's hand, he doubles the previous bet and the hands are revealed with the best hand winning (in the event of a tie, the player "seeing" loses). If a player is "open", meaning he looked at his hand, he can not double the bet and "see" a blind hand, he can only bet or fold. The round continues until the blind hand sees or there is a fold. At any time a person playing blind can look at their hand and then continues playing as an open hand, without the blind advantages.


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