Sex Drive

Sex Drive (2008)

31 mistakes

Continuity mistake: When Rex slams the brakes on after hearing that Ian found a girl on the internet, the scenery on Rex's side slows right down to practically stationary. (Like it should since he slammed the brakes on). However out of Ian's window, the scenery is still moving at the same speed prior to Rex braking.

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Continuity mistake: When Lance is sitting on the hood of the broken down GTO, he puts his glasses in a case and sets them on the hood. As Ezekiel pulls up, the view of Lance is from the side and you can see the glasses outside of the case on the hood.

Continuity mistake: In the bathroom scene where Ian and the men's room predator are waiting, once inside, Ian grabs for the toilet paper and you can see the predator's pants are on. Next shot you see the predator standing naked, and his pants are hanging up.

Other mistake: When the girl throws her shoes over the tree, she throws them to the side, but the appear on the tree from the opposite angle. Showing that it's not from her throw.

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Other mistake: When Lance and the Amish guy pull up to Ian, the GTO stops dead and judders as if the brakes had been applied quickly.

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Continuity mistake: When at Lances house party, Lance is greeting his guests when he passes a girl in a green dress twice.


Continuity mistake: When the three are in the car after riding in the corn field, Ian's friends keep changing places - three times.

Jake Sugden

Continuity mistake: When Rex is smashing up the garage door, the damage to the door keeps changing.

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Audio problem: Just before the girl chucks the lolly at Felicity, she says something along the line of "I would have..." but her mouth doesn't match what she is saying.

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Deliberate mistake: When Seth Green and Lance pull up to Ian and Felicia, the car being pulled by the carriage should roll a little bit after the carriage stops moving, but instead it stops on a dime when it is only being pulled by rope, and nothing else to stop it with when the carriage stops.

Continuity mistake: When Rex gets off his bike on the way to see if his GTO is in the garage, the bike continues perfectly straight and balanced. Camera cuts and the bike is on its side.

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