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My Best Friend's Girl (2008)

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Corrected entry: Right after Dusty goes to Alexis's apartment and finds her with Tank, Dusty walks outside. At the bottom of the screen you see a part of the back end of Tank's car. Considering his car is an old Mustang GTO and it's a light blue color, why doesn't Dusty realize he's there before he even walks in to the apartment and sees them together?

Correction: No such car as a Mustang GTO exists. Only Pontiac and Ferrari had GTOs, and Mitsubishi had a home market GTO which was named 3000GT or Dodge Stealth in North American markets.


Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the movie when Alexis is getting ready for her first date with Tank, her roommate is holding a cheetah print shirt. The shot changes and suddenly Alexis is wearing it, even though she has not had time to put it on. She is also holding a drink in her hand, but she never puts it down. (Although this is explained on the DVD's Deleted Scenes, it is still a mistake.)

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Tank: The only funny thing that will ever come out of you, is me!

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