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Little Man Tate (1991)

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Corrected entry: When Fred is going to the campus to ask Eddie to play pool with him, he has a stick in his schoolbag. When he walks out of the building, the stick is gone.

Correction: It's a pool cue and it's in his bag when he is outside the building but as they show him walking away it isn't. He could have tossed it after finishing speaking to Eddie because he was upset about not going to play pool. There are a few secconds that we don't see of him walking away from the building.

Factual error: In one scene Fred Tate is explaining to his mom, Dede, what a 'lepton' is. He says first "A lepton is a Z-particle", then furthermore says "Do you know what protons and electrons are? [...] Well leptons are even smaller." In fact, electrons *are* a kind of lepton. Also, there is only one Z-particle, and it is quite different from leptons.

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Damon: You see, Fred, it isn't the size of a guy's IQ that matters. It's how he uses it.

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