Little Man Tate
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Fred Tate: My first grade teacher, Miss Nimvel, told Dede that I never paid attention. That I was probably retarded, and that I had a very limited future as a citizen of the United States. Then a week later, she said I should probably skip second grade, maybe even skip elementary school altogether.

Jane: Damon? How many fingers?
Damon: Orange.

Fred Tate: Dede says I don't have dad. She says I'm the immaculate conception. That's a pretty big responsibility for a little kid.

Jane: Now Fred, these chores are your responsibilities. And for every week that you do them correctly, we'll do something fun like go to the symphony or rent a nice documentary.

Damon: You see, Fred, it isn't the size of a guy's IQ that matters. It's how he uses it.

Continuity mistake: When Freddy is talking to Eddie about going to play pool, his knapsack strap goes from hanging off his shoulder in one shot to being on his shoulder in the next.

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