Barney's Great Adventure
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Dad: Oh come on Cody you're gonna have a great time. You can help Grandpa with the farm chores like milking the chickens.

Grandpa: Hey? Hey!
Barney: Yes I know. A lot of hay.

Cody: We're no pile of shnooks.

Collecter: Ah that's my new ballast I just picked up, gotta keep the old ship steady you know.
Marcella: Yeah but some how our egg got mixed up with your ballast. What's a ballast?

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Continuity mistake: In the marching band scene they all have long shadows, and then suddenly they have no shadows at all.

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Trivia: This was the last feature-length motion picture produced by Lyrick Studios before it was folded into HIT Entertainment in 2001.

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Question: Are the hot air balloons that the gang fly through on an airplane part of the Apple Day Festival?

Answer: No.

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