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Corrected entry: In the scene after the school dance and Charlie is walking through the halls, the next day him and Susan are in the same clothes they are wearing in the bathroom scene that takes place a few days later.

Correction: So? Don't you wear the same clothes more than once? And "a few days later" would mean the clothes could have been washed.

Brenda Elzin

Continuity mistake: While Susan and Charlie are passing notes towards the beginning of the film, her cell phone (a Virgin Mobile endorsement plug) continues to flip from a lying down position to a propped up position on her desk between shots throughout the scene.

Good Job!
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Murphy Bivens: I'll see you in the sequel, bitch.

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Question: What exactly is wrong with cameras? It's a public area. They have no privacy either way.


Answer: It is debatable if there is anything wrong with using cameras, but I can think of some possible answers to "what exactly is wrong with using cameras" at a school yard. Cameras symbolize authority over and oppression of students by the principal (and other authority figures). Cameras are indicative of a lack of trust of ALL students, but usually there is only a small percentage of trouble-makers. The use of cameras unjustly undermines the maturity of most students and makes the students resent the school authority figures. Cameras make the assumption that all the students are engaging (or might engage) in unacceptable behavior, which is offensive to the majority of students who follow the rules. Cameras are contrary to our value of "freedom" and that Uncle Sam does not have a right to constantly monitor citizens. People should not be videotaped in a free society if they have done nothing wrong. Many people simply do not like being videotaped. Cameras can record embarrassing acts.

Answer: Perhaps because many public cameras are recording peoples' actions.

raywest Premium member

That doesn't answer the question.

Brian Katcher

Meaning the recorded camera footage can act as a permanent film record of peoples' actions that can't be disputed easily.

raywest Premium member
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