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Corrected entry: Custer is shown being killed by arrows hitting him, but in reality he killed by bullets: one in the chest and one in the head.

Correction: True as that may be, this movie does not claim historical accuracy, so consider this artistic license on the part of the filmmakers.

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Corrected entry: At the start of the film, when the children come out from under the wagon canopy, there is a man in the foreground with several arrows in him. The arrows can be seen to be moving since the dead guy is still breathing.

Correction: Meaning that he isn't dead yet. Later in the film the hero is shown being hit with a number of arrows, and he survives. It happened.

Corrected entry: At the beginning Little Big Man says Pawnees wiped out their wagon train. But then 20 minutes later he says Pawnees always suck up to the white man. So why would they attack the wagons?

Correction: The Indians attack the wagons after the white men would give them whiskey instead of coffee, which made them go crazy because they were unaccustomed to alcohol.

Revealing mistake: During the Little Bighorn massacre one of Custer's lieutenants turns to address Custer and is struck in the back with an arrow, and the thick pad or board is visible under the actor's shirt.

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