Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

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Corrected entry: Did Amber actually think cutting the rope to get Jonesy down wouldn't seriously injure him, if not kill him, from being dropped on his head?


Correction: Could land on his back, he's not restricted in his movement in his upper torso or waist while dangling meaning he could change his position before falling. Might get minor to major injured from fall damage but better alternative than eaten by cannibals.

Even landing on your back from that height you would be seriously hurt.


Corrected entry: After Nina makes it back to camp to tell Jake, Jonesy, and Amber about the killers, they all freak out after noticing Kimberly's tattoo on the meat they had been eating. How did they know about the tattoo if Kimberly's character never showed up?


Correction: For the simple fact that the players introduced themselves in a video at 00:08:02 and Kimberly shows her tattoo. As with any game show, I'm sure the other players were shown the video so they could see who they are competing against.


Corrected entry: When Nina steps on a nail and Jake asks for her wristband, she puts the red one over her scars on her wrist twice.


Correction: She does not put it on twice. She slips it over her hand, then puts it over her scars.


Corrected entry: Amber, from a military background, goes around hollering "Semper Fi". But according to her bio, she pulled a 4.0 at West Point. A combat soldier would never utter "Semper Fi", particularly to civilians, and a marine would have gone to Annapolis.

Correction: "Semper fi" is a common enough phrase among military types that it's meaning is known. A friend in the Air Force says Semper Fi to her friends in the Marines as an honorific.

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