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Corrected entry: Towards the end, Kristen's clothes have reverted back to the opening scene's dress from the wedding they attended. She had changed into jeans and some type of overshirt while he's out getting cigarettes; towards the end this shirt rides up a bit as 'the stranger' is dragging her down the hall. The final scenes show them sitting tied up for their final moments and she's inexplicably back in the party dress.

Correction: The shots are not consecutive. They could have put her back in that dress offscreen, before they tied here up, because they wanted to kill her in that dress specifically.


Corrected entry: When the masked male killer is dragging Kristen down the hall at the ending of the film, the absolutely dead Mike's fingers twitch.

Correction: Dead bodies do twitch if they have recently died due to the deterioration of the muscles and the dying "electrical" signals that control them.

Corrected entry: The candles never burn down the entire movie. They stay the same height, and never have any wax running down them as if they were just lit.

Correction: No, that's wrong. There is definite wax running down the candles, they do get shorter, and change shape at the tips from the flame. They don't burn down that quickly, and the events during the night take place quickly enough that the candles wouldn't be down to stubs or gutter out.

Corrected entry: James goes to town to get his girlfriend cigarettes because she says she only has one left. Later in the movie, while he is still gone, she goes to light up and there are three cigarettes left in her package.

Correction: No, she says she is out of cigarettes, which to a smoker can mean three. She never specifies she has one left. During the scene where she says she's out, we see no cigarettes in the package, or in the ashtray, since the ashtray is off camera. When she lights up in the later scene, there is one unburned cigarette in the ashtray. At any rate, she may have said she was out of cigarettes because she wanted to be alone, and she knows that saying she's out of smokes, James will volunteer to go get her some.

Corrected entry: During the scene where the killer tries to enter the house with an axe, he uses it to chop a hole in the door which they try to block with a piano (and a pointlessly thrown chair), but later when his friend comes to the house to pick him, he walks in the front door and the hole is gone and so is the piano.

Correction: When the friend comes to the house, after his windshield is broken, he walks in the side sliding doors, not the front wooden doors where the piano and hole from the axe would be found.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, Kristen is wearing her party dress. Once she has a bath, she changes into jeans and a plaid shirt. At the end of the movie when The Strangers have attacked her and James, she's wearing the dress again.

Correction: The Strangers redressed her into the dress, Kristen even looks down at the dress and looks shocked to see herself in it.

Corrected entry: The Strangers enter the locked home without a key.

Correction: The Strangers had ample time to find ways into the house while waiting for the couple to return.

Corrected entry: When James is putting in a porch light, he only puts a light bulb in one porch lamp. When it shows a whole front shot of the house there are two porch lights lit.

Correction: Yes, there are two porch lights and these porch lights are dim. The bulb he tightens is on the wall right in front of the open door. The other porch light is on the opposite side of the porch, further away from the open door. You can tell the porch light opposite was on because you can see the light shining off her hair and one side of her face very slightly lit.

Corrected entry: Follow the Champagne bottle. Opened at the dining room table; sipped from, then thrown away by James on the front lawn; pointedly focused on near the end of the movie - on the dining room table. Maybe the strangers brought it back into the house for recycling?

Correction: Directly after James leaves, when Liv Tyler is trying on her engagement ring, a second opened bottle of champagne can be seen on the table along with an unopened bottle in the cooler.

Corrected entry: In the scene where James walks out to the car to get his phone, the car is running with the lights on. He takes the car keys out of his pocket, presses the security button on the key ring and then puts the keys between his fingers as a weapon.The car is not hotwired - the loose cables are where the phone charger was ripped out. So how is the car able to run without the keys?

Correction: A remote car starter, commonly available aftermarket, some makes offering it as an option.

Continuity mistake: A few minutes after James accidentally shoots his friend, he reloads his shotgun and tells Kristen that he is going outside to look around, and tells her to stay put. He walks to the front door and as he passes the clock on the back wall, it reads 5:00 a.m. A few minutes later, Kristen walks past the same clock, and it reads 4:30 a.m.

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Kristen: James, we need a gun. Does your dad have a gun?
James Hoyt: Kristen, I'm looking! There was one here when I was a kid. He always hid it.

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