You Don't Mess with the Zohan

Zohan (Adam Sandler) and Phantom (John Turturro) team up to fight the hillbillies (disguised as Middle Eastern terrorists) hired by Mr. Walbridge to wreck the neighborhood so his mall can be built. But after Zohan and Phantom defeat them, the neighborhood has suffered plenty of collateral damage and the fire insurance covers the cost of turning the neighborhood into a mall. All the businesses that were in that street are moved into the mall. Salim has a goat ride business and Phantom has a shoe store. Zohan and Dalia (Emmanuelle Chriqui) are married and work in a hair salon. Zohan's parents visit and his father tells him to give him a hair cut...

Racer X

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Exec 1: What's 'humus'?
Exec 2: It's a very tasty diarrhoea-like substance.



During the opening credits, Zohan walks surrounded by girls. On the far left of the screen is a girl with a green bikini and large sunglasses. When the angle changes she's suddenly moved to the far right end of the screen.



Paul Mitchell actually died in 1989. As an inside joke, the man portraying him when he talks to the Zohan on the phone is his business partner John Paul Dejoria. Dejoria has been the face of the Paul Mitchell company since Paul Mitchell's death, which has caused many people to believe that Dejoria is Paul Mitchell.