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The Lost World (1960)

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Corrected entry: The dinosaur in the boiling water is carnivorous, and doesn't have that much trouble horking down part of the group - but it doesn't have any teeth to chew with.

Correction: Snapping turtles are carnivorous reptiles that do not have teeth. Teeth are not a necessity for a carnivore.

Corrected entry: When Summerlee drops the egg, we see it break. When it splits open, there's no yolk for the baby dino to eat while he's in there and there's no fluid for the tike to swim around in. It looks like they just shoved the lizard into an egg model and threw it on the ground.

Correction: Based on personal experience, by the time a reptile is ready to hatch and allow a live animal to emerge, the yolk and nearly all other liquid is gone as the embryo has consumed them.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the two dinosaurs are fighting, the one with the hood is seen biting into the armoured dinosaur (okay, we all know it's a caimen) and drawing blood, but it doesn't have any teeth to speak of! Plus, the battle ends as a draw even though one has thin skin and almost no teeth, and the other one has sharp teeth and armoured plates for skin.

Correction: The battle ends as a draw because the hooded dinosaur wraps its tail around the armored one and keeps it from moving too much, thus causing them to tumble off the cliff ending the battle as a draw. As for the blood, who says the blood was the armored dinosaur's own? It could have belonged to the hooded one.

Corrected entry: When Malone and the Lord Roxton are fighting, they are obviously not landing any of the blows they are throwing.

Correction: This mistake was already listed.

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Challenger: Ah, Professor George H. Challenger and his lost world! Have you got your camera, Malone? I think a photo is in order.
Malone: You're quite right, Professor.
[Snaps a picture of Jennifer Holmes.]
Challenger: Reporters!



When the two dinosaurs are fighting besides the cliff, Malone and Jennifer Holmes hide behind a rock overlooking the cliff. One of the dinosaurs sweeps its tail, and knocks the two lovebirds over the cliff, but they fall onto a rock jutting out from the cliff. After we see them fall, there is a wide shot of the dinosaur swinging its tail. He swings it one way, then the other. After he swings it the first way, the tail freezes in mid-air for a split second, then swings the other way. It's obviously the same shot of the first tail swing, but played in reverse with a pause in between.



Thanks to the money guzzling Cleopatra, the film company that put it out was forced to cut back their budget for other films like this one. Irwin Allen (director of this B grade epic) was forced to use real reptiles as dinosaurs instead of stop motion.