Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Revealing mistake: When taking over the Nevada test site, the head Russian drops to tie his shoe as four soldiers pull out machine guns to kill the U.S. guards. Both soldiers on the right run out of ammo, yet keep moving their guns as though they are still shooting. (00:03:10)

Revealing mistake: Right after the nuclear explosion and Indy comes out of the refrigerator, the scene changes to an airfield with two cars driving across the screen. The cars are obviously CGI, as the first one turns despite the wheels still pointing straight.

Revealing mistake: At the end Indy picks up a heavy slab and uses it to knock the carved faces off the wall. He hands it to his friend Mac, then takes it back off him - at this point it's clearly a very light prop.

Revealing mistake: When Indy's car is about to crash against Mac's, there's a wide angle where the car is seen totally black inside, revealing it's empty.

Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: When Indy and Mutt ride on the bike in the college gardens, there's a wide aerial angle that reveals that the distance to the red banner is very short, yet in every following angle they're repeating the same route over and over again (3 times at least) to make it look way longer and increase the suspense.

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