Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Plot hole: Hiding in a fridge (or anything else) in order to be conveniently blown out of the way by an exploding nuclear device is absurd beyond belief. The fridge is just so much extra reaction mass and will be vapourised by the expanding nuclear explosion - it will not be daintily picked up and thrown a few kilometers to safety. If it was, why doesn't it land in a shower of similar artifacts which have also been dislodged and thrown around? Incidentally, even if it was thrown out of the way as shown, anyone inside it would be turned into a smear of strawberry jam by the acceleration required to beat the shock and heat wave of a nuclear blast, and then liquefied by the deceleration involved in hitting the ground at that speed. Don't tell me this is suspension of disbelief - that's like having Jones flying out of the way by flapping his arms and expecting us to accept the fantasy of it all.

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