Superhero Movie

Revealing mistake: When it shows the video of Tom Cruise on Youtube, on the right side of the screen, the descriptions of the other videos repeat themselves.

Brad Premium member

Revealing mistake: The time counter on the Youtube video is 22:00 instead of 00:22. Also the seconds don't count off.

Brad Premium member

Revealing mistake: At Thanksgiving dinner, Jill is unconvincingly pretending to chop the celery.

Brad Premium member

Revealing mistake: You can see that the stone gargoyle the Dragonfly jumps off of is rubber, because it wiggles a bit when he jumps off it.

logan crews

Revealing mistake: When Rick's uncle shoots his black friend, you can closely see that he doesn't shoot him, he shoots the table. And if he did, why wasn't his hand bleeding?

Revealing mistake: When Rick is breakdancing on the wall, it is obvious that the person dancing is not Drake Bell, who played Rick. You don't even have to slow down or pause the movie. The double's skin is more pale, he looks older than Rick, and his hair is darker.

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