Shutter (2008)

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When Megumi and Ben were together, she became obsessed with him after her father died. What Ben didn't tell his wife Jane was that Ben and his friends Bruno and Adam drugged Megumi and he took pictures of her with his two friends; Ben was going to use those photos for bargaining so that Megumi would stop harassing him. But the idea got out of hand and Bruno and Adam raped Megumi and Ben didn't do anything about it. Jane leaves after discovering the photos of Megumi with Adam and Bruno. Ben confronts Megumi and tries to end it by shocking himself with some camera equipment. Some time later, Ben is at a hospital, alive and hunched. The final scene reveals in a reflection that he's hunched because Megumi is embracing him...


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As Ben and Jane drive down the road, it is raining. After they hit the ghost, the scene fades to black. When the scene fades back in, it's heavily snowing, and a previously nonexistent thick sheet of snow is covering the ground. As they get out of the car, they start talking. During their conversation, there is a quick cut, and with this, it instantly stops snowing.