Definitely, Maybe

Corrected entry: Maya is 10 years old. The actions of the movie stretch from 1992 to about 2003. (Will's birthday party takes place before 2000 because Clinton is still in office). Will professes his love for April at that time, finds the copy of Jane Eyre shortly thereafter, and waits 3 years before giving it to her. Therefore Maya was born about 1993, but Will and Emily were not together then.

Correction: There is no indication that Will only held onto the book for three years. He tells April only that he had had it for "years", without giving a number.

Corrected entry: William and April are debating which cigarettes are better to smoke, American Eagles or Marlboro Reds. They go outside to see which cigarette will last longer if they smoke them at the same time with the same drag length. In the scene, William buys a pack of Marlboro Reds. The filters on those are a tan/brownish color. When he is outside with April smoking, the color of the filter on his cigarette is white, which is the filter color of a Marlboro Light.

Correction: This is incorrect because in the movie he didn't buy Marlboro Reds, he bought "Marlee" Reds, which could have any color filter as they do not actually exist.

Factual error: In the scene where the camera shows Times Square, visible on the right of the screen in the front of the shot is a poster for the Broadway show "The Lion King". The Lion King just celebrated 10 years on Broadway and was not playing in 1994.

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Will: I never told you the happy ending.
Maya: What is it?
Will: You.

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