The Seven-Ups

Revealing mistake: When the Grand Ville turns onto the street where the children are playing, it clips a parked car as it makes the turn. This is the same car that later gets its driver's door ripped off by the Grand Ville just before the police give chase. It was repainted red for the second scene, but note the same dent in the right fender as before.

Revealing mistake: During the car chase sequence, the same white 1965 Rambler American (with bent drivers/front fender) is seen repeatedly getting 'in the way'. (00:54:20 - 00:56:15)


Revealing mistake: After the blue sedan turns left, away from Central Park, a long sequence of small 'leaps' begins for both cars as they go through intersections along one long street. Our view changes from inside the sedan, to outside it, inside the coupe, and outside it, back and forth repeatedly. It is painfully obvious this sequence was artificially extended by randomizing the various camera angles, all showing the same few seconds of time, over and over. The best evidence is the red 1973 Lemans that is passed again and again and again. (00:57:35)


Revealing mistake: When Buddy is honking at the traffic during the car chase, the Ventura's shift lever is in park.

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