Any Given Sunday

Factual error: During the final game against the Knights, whenever the score is shown on "TV", the Knights' score (home team) is shown on top and the Sharks' score (visiting team) is shown on the bottom. In sports, the visiting team's score is always on top and the home team's score is always on the bottom.

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Suggested correction: In American sports yes, but not in other sports. In fact during the 1970's, NBA scores showed the home team score first.

Factual error: In the final game of the movie, when LT gets hurt making the big stop, the referee's measure for the first down before anybody attends to LT. LT is nowhere to be seen when the measurement is made yet he was supposedly knocked out at the point of contact - where the ball should be. No way would they measure until the injured player is taken off the field and the pile up cleared.

Factual error: In night game scenes (as with many other football movies) the stands are always very dimly lit (so they don't have to pay thousands of extras to fill the stands) when in real life everything is well lit.

Factual error: At multiple times in the "game" scenes, you can see the play clock against the back wall of the endzone reading a one digit number, say 7, and when the shot goes back to Wille, the opposite one will read that the clock is just starting, at about 23. The play clock should not increase in the middle of the huddle and snap count.

Factual error: In the third game the Sharks play a team from California, but when they do a shot of the stadium, they are in Dolphins Stadium, which is in Miami.

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Continuity mistake: Of the people in the stands, almost every other one is a piece of cardboard with a picture on it and a balloon in their hand.

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Jack Rose: Oh that's great! That's just fucking great! Did you get that?

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Trivia: Director Oliver Stone makes a cameo as sportscaster.

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