Rhapsody in Blue
Movie Quote Quiz

George Gershwin: I'm all right! My headaches gone, and I can play.
Ira Gershwin: Don't overdo it, George.
Oscar Levant: Take it easy, fella'.
George Gershwin: Why should I take it easy? I feel wonderful! Now we can finish the score of the picture and get on with something else. I'd like to try a ballet, or maybe a string quartet, or better yet... I'd like to set The Gettysburg Address to music.

Max Dreyfus: George, you can give America a voice.

George Gershwin: I don't want to be just a concert pianist. I want to use the piano as a stepping stone.

Oscar Levant: If I had your talent, I'd be a pretty obnoxious fella. What do you call yourself?
George Gershwin: George Gershwin, it's my real name.
Oscar Levant: Mine's Oscar Levant. I'm thinking of changing it.

Christine Gilbert: You can make up songs, George, but you can't make up life.

Julie Adams: What if this show is a flop?
George Gershwin: We'll do others. I haven't got time for flops.

Dreyfus receptionist: You're fresh.
Oscar Levant: Unfortunately you're not.

Oscar Levant: I've got a date with my insomnia.

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