Corrected entry: When we first see the military attack the monster, we see what appears to be an original M1 Abrams with the royal ordinace L68A1 105MM rifled gun. However, this tank has been out of service since 1987, replaced by the German Rhienmetall M256 L-44 120MM smoothbore cannon. Also in this scene, we see what appears to be an M109A6 paladin drive right past Hud, but this would never happen since an M109A6 is a self-propelled Howitzer and would fire from afar - it would never get that close to the target.

Correction: Just a few steps of this creature would place it far from where it was prior to those steps. As such, that Howitzer might have originally been at its proper range, and now is attempting to relocate. Also, Wikipedia notes 8000 M1s of various types are in current service, with 1000 of those being original M1 105mm models reported to likely be with the Army National Guard- the expected first responders in this film's situation.


Corrected entry: In addition to the creature's head changing shape, it changes size as well. When we see it from the roof of the Time Warner Center, it is half the size of the skyscrapers surrounding it. But when Rob, Beth, and Hud are running away from it, it is just barely taller than the house next to them. When it attacks the helicopter, it is huge again, but when it (SPOILER) kills Hud, it is much smaller.

Brad Premium member

Correction: The creature isn't in the same position every time -- sometimes it's on its hind legs, sometimes it's stooped on all fours -- which makes it difficult to gauge. But its size is consistent throughout the film.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: (SPOILER) The scene where Hud dies is a major plot hole. They are in the middle of the park. Hud drops the camera and come back to get it, only 10 feet away. Suddenly there is this gigantic monster, out of nowhere, right on top of him. It then kills him and drops him on the floor. Rob and Beth come to see him, and suddenly the monster is nowhere to be seen (or heard). It just vanished, giving them plenty of time to run and hide in the tunnel. How come the monster did not kill them? How come they didn't see it coming before Hud got the camera?

Correction: The gigantic monster takes gigantic steps as shown earlier in the movie, so it would only take the monster a few steps from far away to be on top of them. Rob, Beth and Hud are all rather preoccupied having just had a helicopter crash! And as for the monster vanishing, it too is preoccupied having just been bombed by a B2 bomber and isn't keen on hanging around.

Corrected entry: The Statue of Liberty's decapitated head is way too small to be accurate. Wikipedia lists the ear to ear width to be ten feet but it is just a little bigger than the compact cars on the street.

Correction: According the the FAQ on IMDb, the head shown is not unrealistic; it states "The head could easily fit on a city street, even on its side. The whole statue is only 151 feet high. The pedestal adds another 154 feet." It also adds further information relating to why the size of the head could be misconceived as being too small: "The makers of the film cited Escape from New York's poster as the inspiration for the Statue head scene in Cloverfield. However, that film's poster depicts the head as unrealistically large, which might account for the misconception that the head in Cloverfield is too small."

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: After Hud, Marlena and the rest get met by the US Army, they are taken into a field hospital. It's later obvious that the US Army doctors and soldiers are all too well aware of what happens if someone has been bitten, therefore it's unlikely that the civilians would be allowed to mix in the hospital until checked out to ensure they were not infected.

Correction: We are never told what the military knows. And even if they did know, we don't know when they learned about it. We are not told how many bite victims they tried to treat before Marlena. The doctors could have just learned what happens to someone with a bite.

Corrected entry: The opening of the movie states that the video was found on an SD card, but throughout the movie they mention it's a tape in the camera. The over-written "flashbacks" would not be possible on an SD card - only tape, meaning the introduction is inaccurate.

Correction: The movie never says that the video was found on an SD card. It states that we are watching a video on an SD card, and that the footage was found in Central Park. However, the part which mentions the SD card also has government markings all over it, which probably means the government found a tape (which accounts for the 'flashbacks') and transferred it to an SD card for easy storage.


Corrected entry: The Brooklyn Bridge only has one level - not two as they show during the bridge crossing scene.

Correction: The pedestrian access of the Brooklyn Bridge is along the center of the bridge, above the lanes of traffic. In other words, on another level.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: There is no way the Army could respond that fast. It would take at least 12-24 hours to have a force that size.

Correction: Unless the military was tracking the monster, and they had forces ready for a response. There are problems with this theory, but it does not mean it can't be true.


Corrected entry: We know that the little monsters are night vision seeing monsters. Now when they left the subway and walked to the makeshift hospital, it was extremely bright, blinding the characters, and the helicopter pad was also dangerously lit as well, so bright that it would attract attention to the big monster. But given the fact that the monsters see in night vision, it looks like a clue that the military found out a weakness with using bright lights. (Lighted areas are safe anyway, but to attract that attention at a helicopter pad would be dangerous unless it was keeping them away).

Correction: Anything that can be seen or deduced by simply watching the movie is not valid trivia.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rob, Beth Marlena and Hud are walking in the subway tunnel, the rail is set on sleepers on a bed of stones. Subway tunnel floors are concrete.

Correction: Actually they were walking in Midtown which is set on stones.

Corrected entry: When Hud runs back to get the camera off the ground where it had been sitting for a minute or so, the camera did not even shake. It should have bounced at least some since every other monster's step could be felt hundreds of feet away.

Correction: It did bounce it is just hard to tell because when it falls it is very shaky.

Corrected entry: When Rob stole a cell phone battery from the hardware store, he put it straight into his phone and it began working. Cell phone batteries do not come pre-charged.

Correction: I work for a major cell phone company and the batteries that we sell separately DO come pre-charged.

Cody Bowers

Corrected entry: In the scene with the *army?* fighting the main monster, there are a few military mistakes. The M16/m4 that they are using would not be loaded with tracer rounds, which are expensive to supply and would have been reserved for an M249 SAW because of its rapid fire and inaccuracy. Also, I believe the rocket launchers used were FGM-148 Javelin rockets. These would have been propelled out of the tube, ascend several thousand feet, and then descend onto the target. In the movie, it went directly at the monster. Even if it was not the Javelin rocket, there was not enough exhaust flare coming from the tube to be a real rocket.

Correction: The Javelin missile has a direct-fire mode for use against fortifications. The top-down approach is designed for use against armoured vehicles with relatively thin top armour; as this is obviously a rather different situation, there's no reason not to take the direct-fire approach. And if, say, they've run out of ordinary ammunition, there's no inherent reason not to use the tracer ammunition; if it's either that or nothing, cost hardly becomes a consideration.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the subway tunnel scene, the night vision mode is switched on on the camera to see in the dark. The chase scene ensues. However, when they escape into the service(?) room in the tunnel the night vision mode is off, with no cut scene on the tape or any action indicative of it being turned off.

Correction: The camera could have had a feature that automatically turns off the night vision once it is no longer dark enough.


Factual error: During the scene where everyone runs outside, the Statue of Liberty head crashes into the street. The head is scaled too small and its size can be compared to the people taking pictures. In real life the statue head is large enough for people to walk into (17' from chin to cranium).

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[Seeing Beth's building badly damaged, leaning against another tower.]
Hud: Please tell me she lives on the ground floor.
Rob Hawkins: 37th.
Hud: Shit.

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Trivia: When the credits have finished rolling there is a garbled radio transmission of what sounds like Rob saying "Help us." But when played in reverse you can clearly hear him saying "It's still alive."

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