St. Trinian's

Deliberate mistake: After the heist, when Taylor and Andrea are told they have only three minutes to the end of the show, there is an overhead shot of them on the zip line that is flipped. Note that Cheltenham and St. Trinian's have switched sides and the letters on the prop books behind them are backwards. (01:27:45)

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Deliberate mistake: As Kelly begins to make her way across the zip line over the audience, the overhead shot looking down at her is a flipped shot. Note that her watch is now on her right wrist, whereas in the previous and following shots itÂ’s on her left wrist. (01:16:15)

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Deliberate mistake: When Annabelle uses her hockey stick to send her cell flying, the shot of the cell spinning in midair is a flipped shot. Note the board with name plaques behind the bust is backwards, and the glass amnesty box (for contraband) is now to the left instead of right. (00:11:40)

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Deliberate mistake: After Burser blows the whistle to begin the hockey game, Verity knocks him out with her hockey stick. The next close-up of Miss Dickinson and Miss Cleaver is a flipped shot, note Miss Dickinson's hair part and Miss Cleaver's red patch on the wrong sleeve. (00:26:50)

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Deliberate mistake: At the start of the hockey game against Cheltenham, after the close-up of Janey sharpening her hockey stick, when Bursar says, "Okay, yeah, into position," his close-up is a flipped shot. Note his shirt's pocket and logo. (00:26:35)

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Factual error: During "School Challenge" the volume of a sphere is given as Pi R cubed. It should be four thirds Pi R cubed.

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Annabelle Fritton: Daddy, you can't expect me to stay here, it's like Hogwarts for Pikeys!

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Trivia: The bust in the hall way of the school has a similarity to Alistar Sim, who played the Fritton sister (headmistress) and brother in the original films.

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