St. Trinian's

Revealing mistake: There is one shot where Andrea, whilst dancing to avoid the security beams guarding the picture, puts her leg through a beam but nothing happens.

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Revealing mistake: When the girls are crawling along the wire, There is one shot where it looks projected.

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Revealing mistake: When the girls jump out of the bus at Trafalgar Square, members of the public behind the railings can directly be seen watching and recording the filming.

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Revealing mistake: When Anabelle smashes the statue, her phone disappears. The statue just seems to spontaneously shatter.


Factual error: During "School Challenge" the volume of a sphere is given as Pi R cubed. It should be four thirds Pi R cubed.

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Annabelle Fritton: Daddy, you can't expect me to stay here, it's like Hogwarts for Pikeys!

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Trivia: The bust in the hall way of the school has a similarity to Alistar Sim, who played the Fritton sister (headmistress) and brother in the original films.

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