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Corrected entry: When Dustin Hoffman shows his son the view from his new office he says something like "That's the UN building... that's Queens and waaay up there it's Br....." (cut in sound track.) I believe Dustin mistakenly said "Brooklyn" which it could not be from that angle. It would have to be the Bronx he was referring to, but he didn't say "The". They just cut the sound to save retaking the scene.

Correction: There is no cut in the soundtrack. I am an audio engineer and I sent the audio through a meter to see if it was cut. It is not cut - Hoffman just says the line "Brooklyn" softly.

Other mistake: In the scene where an unemployed Ted Kramer character is in the offices of another advertising firm negotiating with two executives for a job, he tells them he will take a pay cut if they hire him but that this is a one-time offer. The executives are reluctant to make a decision because supposedly, it is Friday at 4:30 p.m., the weekend before Christmas. However, the shot through the window behind where Ted is sitting shows a bright and sunny New York City, probably at high noon since there are no building shadows. If it were really 4:30 p.m., the city would obviously be much darker, particularly in late December. Also, given the greenery that can be seen, it is probably not even winter.

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