Aliens vs Predator: Requiem

The military bombs the town and wipes out everything. The Predator and Alien hybrid and the Predator kill each other at the same time. The ones who make it out alive (thanks to the helicopter on the hospital roof) are the soldier woman, her daughter, Dallas and his brother. The helicopter crash lands because of the bomb dropped on the town and the four are received by the military. The military seizes the Predator shoulder cannon and the Colonel aboard the plane who was communicating with the town cop mentions that the cannon is technology that the world isn't ready for. The Colonel mentions this to Ms. Yutani.. who is one of the founders of the evil Company from the Alien film series...


Continuity mistake: The birth of the Predalien in this movie is completely different than it was in the first AVP. The lights on the table are different and the Predalien bursts out differently than in the first film. (00:01:30)

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Dallas: GET to THE chopper .

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Trivia: The sound effect used when General Stevens looks on the radar screen to show the aircraft moving to bomb Garrison is the same effect used for the scanners in Aliens.

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