The Edukators

Continuity mistake: When Jule has found her phone she calls for Jan but then Hardenberg arrives home and catches her. He then wrestles her to the floor, so Jan comes and beats him off her. However, as he wrestles with Jule, her black woollen hat falls off onto the floor. But after Jan beats him off her it is back on her head firmly.


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Continuity mistake: When Jan breaks into Hardenberg's house, he has to run upstairs to disable the alarm. As he runs past the pool area, there is a couch with pink cushions on it which are flat are messily arranged. Yet once disabled, as Jule and Jan enter the pool area the cushions have rearranged and are neat and positioned.

00:45:25 - 00:46:20

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Continuity mistake: When they arrive at the cabin, Peter leads Hardenberg into the bedroom and he lays him down and puts a large green blanket over him to sleep on. However the next morning when we see them sleeping, suddenly Hardenberg's blanket is mauve coloured with a white swirling pattern on it.

01:10:30 - 01:11:50

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Continuity mistake: When Jule goes outside onto Hardenberg's patio, she sets off a light which causes her to run inside in panic. Jan tells her to pack up their things. We then see that beside the pool (by the fake cactus statue) a blue towel and a pair of trainers. However they weren't there in any shots beforehand.


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Continuity mistake: When Hardenberg is saying that he will have to make some phone calls so that his maid and wife dont worry about him, items on the breakfast table move between shots, and when Peter takes his gun out, Jules hands are down in her lap. But in her reaction shot, she is holding a knife up in the air, with jam dripping off it.


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Continuity mistake: When Peter pulls out of the apartment, the yellow curtains in the back of the VW bus are open. Later on during their drive, when they pull up onto the side of the road, they are now suddenly closed. Nobody ever went to the back to shut them.


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Continuity mistake: When Jan and Jule are sitting down smoking and talking, by the end of the conversation we see a close shot of Jan taking a drag and his cigarette is right down to the filter. But then when he gets up to continue painting, the cigarette has grown in length to about halfway through.


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Continuity mistake: When Jule is serving the table in the restaurant she works at, she has a tray with three pear brandys on it. She places two down on the table in one shot with the third still on the tray. However the third glass just disappears from her tray when the shot changes.


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