The Edukators
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Jan: The first step is recognizing injustice. The second step: action.

Jan: For all revolutions, one thing is clear... even if some didn't work, the most important thing is that the best ideas survived. The same goes for personal revolts. What turns out good, what survives in you that makes you stronger.

Jan: We live in a capitalist dictatorship.

Note on Wall: Every heart is a revolutionary cell.

Jan: I've got news for you, Corporate Man: your days are numbered.

Visible crew/equipment: After the first apartment scene, when Peter gets into the Volkswagen, as he opens the door, you can see a cameraman reflected in the smaller window on the door. Then once he has pulled out and is driving away, you can see a cameraman inside the back of the VW Bus. (00:10:55)

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