Elizabeth: The Golden Age
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Queen Elizabeth I: In some other world, in some other time, could you have loved me?
Sir Walter Raleigh: I know only one world and in this world, I have loved you.

Queen Elizabeth I: Do we discover the New World or does the New World discover us?
Sir Walter Raleigh: You speak like a true explorer.

Elizabeth Throckmorton: The puddle man is outside, Majesty.

Queen Elizabeth I: By God, England will not fall while I am Queen.

Archduke Charles: The beauty of your Majesty is dazzling to my eyes. I am overwhelmed. I am conquered. I die. Only your love, my stattlich Elizabeth, can restore me into life.

Sir Amyas Paulet: The Queen orders these measures for your protection.
Mary Stuart: The Queen? I am a queen. They call her The Virgin Queen. Why is that, sir? Can it be that no man will have her?

Queen Elizabeth I: May we have wisdom not to fear shadows in the night, and courage when the day of danger truly dawns.

Queen Elizabeth I: My bitches wear my collars.

Queen Elizabeth I: I have a secret, my dear. I pretend there's a pane of glass between me and them. They can see me, but they cannot touch me. You should try it.

Factual error: When one of Mary Stuart's correspondents writes her a note, he uses a quill and ink. Immediately following, he folds it up without sanding the wet ink. The writing would have been smeared so badly that it would be unreadable.

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