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Dr. Lwaxana Goodwyn: When this school was first established, and enchantment was placed on the campus. All spells cast at Witch University become permanent at midnight on Halloween.
Marnie Piper: You mean 'permanent, permanent'?
Dr. Lwaxana Goodwyn: Indeed. And for many years it was a fine deterrent. Until we had a small mishap.
Marnie Piper: How small?
Dr. Lwaxana Goodwyn: A simple, magical housecleaning lesson went horribly wrong. Half the freshman class had to be sent home as teacups.

Gwen Cromwell Piper: No one's seen the Sinister girls or Dylan.
Marnie Piper: Have you checked the pound?
Gwen Cromwell Piper: That is not funny.

Marnie Piper: Dylan! Where'd you find him?
Silas Sinister: We had help.
Ethan Dalloway: Marnie, I'm sorry.
Marnie Piper: You're working with them?
Ethan Dalloway: No.
Silas Sinister: Oh, yes he was! He just didn't know it. Ethan found your brother, and we found Ethan.

Gwen Cromwell Piper: With power comes responsibility.
Marnie Piper: You stole that from Spider-Man.

Marnie Piper: They could cast another spell on Dylan, even as we speak.
Ethan Dalloway: And what? Make him do more math? He loves math.

Splendora: Those seven witches call themselves The Dominion for a reason. They want to use me and my Gift.

Ethan Dalloway: We're not talking about laundry anymore, are we?

Ethan Dalloway: Chancellor really needs to get a cell phone.

Marnie Piper: Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?
Ethan Dalloway: Yes, Marnie. You've spotted the elusive guy doing his own laundry.
Marnie Piper: A rare creature, indeed.

Ethan Dalloway: Hey.
Marnie Piper: Hey.
Aneesa: You know, I'd really hoped you two had moved past monosyllables.

Marnie Piper: My resident advisor's a genie?
Aneesa: The first to be accepted to Witch University. My parents are very proud.

Marnie Piper: Raincheck on the coffee?
Ethan Dalloway: And the magic.

Marnie Piper: Okay, I totally understand. But, um, before you do that could I just borrow it real quick?
Splendora: No.
Marnie Piper: Why not?
Splendora: Because.
Marnie Piper: Man, you're selfish.

Marnie Piper: Was your father Merlin?
Splendora: No, Marvin. Merlin's cousin.

Prof. Persimmon Periwinkle: It's Agent Periwinkle, of the Halloweentown Anti-Dominion League.
Silas Sinister: Preposterous.
Prof. Persimmon Periwinkle: What's preposterous is how long I've been undercover. Ten centuries.

Ethan Dalloway: So, uh, you wanna just zap this stuff clean and go get a cup of coffee with me?

Marnie Piper: We need to find Dylan.
Ethan Dalloway: I already did.

Ethan Dalloway: I have no idea what you just said, but, uh, you looked really cute saying it.
Marnie Piper: Why don't you just use your magic?
Ethan Dalloway: What magic would that be?
Marnie Piper: You know.
Ethan Dalloway: We're not talking about laundry anymore, are we?

Dr. Lwaxana Goodwyn: Good, the class is all here.
Ethan Dalloway: But, uh, no classroom.

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