River's Edge

River's Edge (1986)

Ending / spoiler

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Feck and John go down to the river to get out of the house. John speaks about how good it felt to kill his girlfriend, but Feck is disgusted with him because he at least loved the woman he killed. Further, he believes life in hiding is misery. For these two reasons, he uses his pistol to shoot John in the back of the head as the latter is staring off across the darkened waters. We next see Feck in the hospital (arrested at last), and the rest of the kids at John's funeral. Lane has been ostracized by the others but at least has no more problems with the police.


Visible crew/equipment: When Crispin Glover goes into a telephone booth to make a call, the cameraman and his camera are reflected in the glass.

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Layne: The things I do for my fucking friends.

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