River's Edge

River's Edge (1986)


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Layne: The things I do for my fucking friends.

Matt: The only reason you stay here is so you can fuck my mother and eat her food. motherfucker. food eater.

Feck: You got any Bud in bottles?

Clarissa: You didn't have to call me a stupid bitch.
Layne: You would have driving right past us. We had to yell something.
Matt: You yelled it Layne.
Clarissa: I got a name you know. You're lucky I didn't just drive right home.
Layne: OKay, okay, okay. I'm sorry Clarissa, but you've got to understand that in a time like this where every fucking second counts, a man can't waste his time choosing words.

Feck: I killed a girl, it was no accident. Put a gun to the back of her head and blew her brains right out the front. I was in love.
Samson: I strangled mine.
Feck: Did you love her?
Samson: She was okay.

Clarissa: I feel like someone dipped me in used cooking oil.

Tim: Get your nunchuks and your dad's car. I know where we can get a gun.

Layne: It's circuits inside. The people that own this place have them all reconnected caused they know that if I ever learn this machines I'll take control the fucking universe.

Layne: It's people like you that are sending this country down the tubes. No sense of pride. No sense of loyalty. No sense of nothing, man.

Mike: N-O spells nuh-uh.

Layne: Budweiser? You'd think I'd at least rate a Michelob... Ah, and it's warm even.

Feck: My leg was right out in the middle of the street. I remember lying in the gutter and bleeding and shit, staring at my leg, right next to a beer can. And I remember thinking, that's my leg... I wonder if there's any beer in that can.

Matt: You respect an adult? I really do need to get stoned.

Kevin: I just want to say it was horrible what those kids did. And the whole incident points up a fundamental moral breakdown in our society.
Mr. Burkewaite: Thank you, Kevin, for your insightful self-righteous indignation. I'd still like to hear from Tom.
Tom: Would you just quit staring at me like that, man?

Tim: You pothead fuckbrain.

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