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The Brave One (2007)

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Corrected entry: When Erica leaves the police station after inquiring about her boyfriend's murder, she is wearing pants, sandals, a blue jacket, a tote bag slung across her chest, and a light blue shirt with a dark blue butterfly on it. In the next scene, she is wearing the same outfit, except that her shirt is now red with a light reddish design. There is nothing to indicate that any time has passed, such as it being the next day.

Correction: Well, there is one thing to indicate time has passed - she's changed her shirt. Anyone's jacket, tote and sandals will often be the same from day to day, and we'll have to let Erica slide if the pants are the same two days in a row, given her mental state. But the different shirt means it's a different day.

Corrected entry: The investigating detective at the first two crime scenes refers to the shell casings as coming from a 9mm "automatic". The correct reference is to a "semi-automatic".

Correction: So what? As long as those around him understand what he means, he's not under any obligation to use absolutely precise terminology. He knows what he means, those around him will know what he means, doesn't matter if it's not absolutely precise.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Jodi Foster is watching the video of her beating on the cell phone, she could not have filmed it herself and the gang members were engaged in providing said beating

Correction: At the beginning of the movie when the beating is taking place there is a third gang member filming on his phone. This got sent to Erica (Jodie Foster) by the gang members girlfriend.

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