I Know Who Killed Me

Corrected entry: When Dakota is fighting off the killer, she is tied up after she is knocked unconscious. There is no way a man with one arm can tie up a girl in triple knots.


Correction: There is absolutely no reason a one armed individual would be unable to tie any knot you care to list. They'd simply need to go about it a different way than someone with two arms.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dakota is having sex with Aubrey's boyfriend, it specifically shows that her bra is off. Once they finish, and she is getting off of him, she is covering her chest with the sheet. When she does this, her side isn't covered and you can that she is now wearing a black bra.

Ian Mugford
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[After having sex with Jerrod.]
Dakota Moss: Did she ever fuck you like that?
[Jerrod doesn't answer.]
Dakota Moss: Did she ever fuck you at all?
[again Jerrod doesn't answer.]
Dakota Moss: Do you think she'd start now?

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