The Jungle Book

Trivia: The vultures at the end of the movie are meant to represent the Beatles, and are the same voices used for Yellow Submarine.

Trivia: The music for Kaa's song "Trust in Me" was taken from an unused Sherman Brothers song "Land of the Sand", originally written for Mary Poppins.

Trivia: In a scene near the beginning of the movie, Mowgli is jumped on by his wolf family. The exact way they jump on him, lick him, and the way Mowgli wipes his face afterwards is identical to a scene in The Sword in the Stone when Wort is greeted by his dogs.

Trivia: Walt Disney died before the film's release. It was believed that if this film was a major commercial failure, Disney would stop making animated films. Fortunately, the film was a huge success.

Trivia: King Louie is largely an original character created by Disney; he doesn't appear in the "Jungle Book" anthologies, since orangutans aren't native to India.

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Deliberate mistake: After Baloo and Bagheera escape from the monkeys, they both have a black eye. However, during their conversation by the water, between shots their black eyes vanish. [This is a Disney tradition, but still a mistake.]

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Bagheera: This will take brains, not brawn.
Baloo: You better believe it, and I'm loaded with both.

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