The Simpsons Movie
The Simpsons Movie mistake picture

Other mistake: In the motel room, the poster of Alaska is not reflected in the mirror behind Marge. You can only see the little lamps next to the bed.


The Simpsons Movie mistake picture

Other mistake: On the close-up shot of the "Doomsday Clock" with "Sponsored by TIMEX" underneath, the clock is counting up from 1:33 to 1:34, rather than down.


Other mistake: When Homer thinks he's out of the dome, he has a reflection, but Marge doesn't.



Other mistake: For the car to be carried by the angry Springfieldians, there would need to be a big jump between the ground and the car, but from the car view there is no sign of that.


The Simpsons Movie mistake picture

Other mistake: Near the end of the movie Bart and Homer are on the roof. Homer hammers the nail into the roof then stands and the shingles are nailed to his leg, however, you can see that he did not nail it to his leg.


The Simpsons Movie mistake picture

Other mistake: Homer puts superglue on his hands and gets his hand stuck to his groin. He then uses his second hand with superglue on to get his hand off but that hand doesn't get stuck.


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The Simpsons Movie mistake picture

Other mistake: When Homer is collecting firewood his footsteps start randomly in the midde of nowhere, with no tracks to the trees he came from.


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Other mistake: When Mr. Burns is talking to Apu, Doctor Hibbert and Chief Wiggum about supplying Springfield with power, he is writing with his right hand despite being left handed.


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Other mistake: When Homer kicks over the bomb, the time on the bomb decreases by half. Because of this, Krusty yells "Get outta here!" to Homer. However, Homer was standing in front of the bomb and Krusty was standing behind Homer, which means Krusty's view of the bomb was completely blocked, so he couldn't possibly have seen the bomb lose half of its time. He was definitely reacting to bomb losing half of its time, as he is shown looking straight at it just before he starts yelling at Homer.

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Other mistake: When Homer falls through the roof into the house we see Grandpa sitting somewhere other than the ground floor or the second floor. The problem is the Simpsons' house has an attic on top of the second floor and below the roof. The length of the attic's floor and the house around it are totally the same, so really what we should have seen was the attic, not Grandpa sitting somewhere.


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Other mistake: When Springfield loses all the power, Mr. Burns' manor (with the Happy Holidays from Mr. Burns sign on it) seems to have appeared out of nowhere.


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Homer Simpson: Hey, Marge! Isn't it great being married to somebody who's recklessly impulsive?
Marge Simpson: Actually, it's aged me horribly.



When "Emperor" Moe appears in front of Marge, after she and the kids return, the two cartridge belts swung over Moe's shoulders switch from his left over the right, to his right over the left.



When Homer and Bart jump the gorge, the ambulance that crashed into the tree in "Bart the Daredevil" is still there, crashed in the tree.