Live Free or Die Hard

Plot hole: Since they took down the telephone network, it would have been impossible for Justin Long's character to even be speaking to the emergency response woman for the car, much less send a signal to start the car up.

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Suggested correction: Is it possible this is a satellite phone call akin to Onstar?

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Plot hole: The hackers cause a massive traffic jam by manipulating the street lights. Yet, only minutes later, the streets are conveniently empty when McClane is being chased by the chopper. Sure, one or two streets were secured by police, but the chase scene goes through many more streets. (00:23:15 - 00:38:55)

Plot hole: When in the tunnel, McClane gets back into the cop car and leaves Farrell, he drives very quickly. After the helicopter blows up, it is only a few seconds before Farrell finds McClane. Even running at his top speed, Farrell could not have reached McClane's position so quickly. (00:42:00)

Plot hole: Why would Gabriel use a government vehicle at the end of the film that could be easily tracked and give his position away?

Plot hole: After McClane, agent Johnson, and Ferrell leave in the police car, Agent Johnson radios another agent to have DC police clear a path for them. Then on Gabriel's screen it says they have a voice match to Farrell. The problem is Farrell never said a word, so how would they have a voice match to him? Without the voice match they never should have found them.


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Thomas Gabriel: [Probing a gunshot wound in McClane's shoulder with his gun.] On your tombstone, it should say "Always at the wrong place at the wrong time."
John McClane: How about... [grunts.] Yippee-ki-yay... Motherfucker! [Grabs the gun and fires it through himself and into Gabriel.].



Just as McClane and Farrell are about to leave the Eastern Power Hub, Farrell goes on a long rant and his mouth does not match the words he is saying. [In the unrated version of the film, the rant concurs with Will's mouth movements, but the mistake is valid for the regular version.]



The film's title is a reference to New Hampshire's state motto "Live Free or Die." The film was shipped to theaters under the title "New Hampshire."