Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Factual error: The Human Torch chases the Silver Surfer into the Lincoln Tunnel at 29:35; the entrance shown is on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River (although they had just been in Manhattan seconds before, they were airborne and could have gotten there from the sky). When they collectively exit the tunnel at 30:01, they are still on the New Jersey side, as evidenced by the toll booth clerk who witnesses their flyby. While both the entrance and exit scenes are physically in the same a place, a large American flag was either pasted into the entrance scene or edited out of the exit scene, creating a slightly different visual element to two otherwise identical landscapes.



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Johnny Storm: Flame on!



At the end, there is a group of people with their backs to the camera, facing & waving to the Fantastic 4. As the F4 fly towards the camera and out of the shot, the crowd turns to continue waving to them. One small boy in white remains facing the wrong way, still waving, until another child grabs the back of his clothes & turns him to face the right way.



A quarter of the way into the credits there is another scene where it is revealed that the Silver Surfer lived.