Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Revealing mistake: At the end, there is a group of people with their backs to the camera, facing & waving to the Fantastic 4. As the F4 fly towards the camera and out of the shot, the crowd turns to continue waving to them. One small boy in white remains facing the wrong way, still waving, until another child grabs the back of his clothes & turns him to face the right way.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Von Doom puts his mask back on the camera turns around him and the camera shadow is visible on his cloak.

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Continuity mistake: When the helicopter plummets into the wedding terrace, its nose is either pointing the right side or the left, depending on the shot. No continuity at all.

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Trivia: A quarter of the way into the credits there is another scene where it is revealed that the Silver Surfer lived.

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Trivia: The guest that was rejected at the party really was Stan Lee who helped popularize the Fantastic Four through writing the comic book for many years. This is actually from the comic book wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm (in the 60s) where a guest who looked like Stan Lee was turned away from the wedding.

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Joel Amos Gordon

Trivia: Part of the reason Galactus does not appear in his true "comic book" form in this film (instead being portrayed as an organic, cloud-like being) is because the producers had initially planned on revealing Galactus in his "true form" in a spin-off movie about the Silver Surfer. Thus, they instructed the director and writers to change his form to obscure what he really looks like to keep his "true appearance" in the spin-off a surprise for fans. Unfortunately, this spin-off never came to be. Regardless, during the climax of the film, one can very briefly see subtle shapes inside of the cloud alluding to Galactus' face and head.

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Johnny Storm: Flame on!

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Susan Storm: Guys, we have a problem! He's here!
Reed Richards: Sue, get out of there!
Susan Storm: Why are you trying to destroy us?
The Silver Surfer: I have no choice.
Susan Storm: There's always a choice.
The Silver Surfer: Not always!

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Wedding Security: Invitation sir.
Rejected Wedding Guest: I should be on that list.
Wedding Security: Name?
Rejected Wedding Guest: Stan Lee.
Wedding Security: Yeah... Nice try.

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Question: Why is the Silver Surfer making craters all over the Earth? What purpose do they serve?

Chosen answer: They're part of the mechanism that Galactus uses to extract the life-force from the planet.

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Question: Did anyone else notice how much more blue Sue's eyes seemed to be in this movie than the first? Was that a mistake or intentional?

Chosen answer: I would assume that the director wanted to make her appear closer to the comic book Sue...this would also explain how blonde her hair is in this film.


Question: What does Ben tell Sue when they're talking about the general and Reed knowing each other?


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