Saw IV

Hoffman is the new Jigsaw. He's the one who wrote the mysterious letter to Amanda (remember the envelope that she had) and isn't a part of Rigg and Art's game in the room where Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) is being held. The ending of Saw III takes place almost at the same time as the ending of Rigg's game in this movie. The scene at the beginning where Hoffman is listening to Jigsaw's tape (found inside his stomach) is the ending of this movie. The tape in Jigsaw's stomach mentions that Hoffman will be tested. FBI Agent Strahm kills Jeff (the one being tested in the previous movie) moments after Jeff kills Jigsaw. Rigg fails the game because he was impatient and didn't learn the lesson that he can't save everyone. If he had been more patient and walked into the room of traps later (when the timer of Art's game reached zero), Matthews would have survived. As Rigg enters the room, Matthews shoots him because that's part of Art's game: if anyone tries to walk through the door before the timer reaches zero, that person must be shot in order to prevent the door from being opened and the traps activating; if the door is opened before zero, Art and Matthews lose the game (the traps activate). Rigg, after walking through the door, is heavily wounded and he kills Art (who, by the way, had the control to de-activate the traps). Hoffman, who isn't really part of the game, releases himself from the trap. Art was Jill's (John/Jigsaw's ex wife) lawyer and the one who survived the trap at the beginning of the movie (the man with his mouth sealed shut). Hoffman was the one who kidnapped Jeff's wife Lynn (the doctor who performed surgery on Jigsaw in the previous movie) and the one who helped Amanda to place Kerry (a police officer who died in the previous movie) in one of the inescapable traps (the one that rips your rib cage). Hoffman closes the door of the room (where Jigsaw, Jeff, Amanda and Lynn died) where Strahm is in and he is the next victim to be tested...


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Eric Mathews: I don't want to play anymore.



Several times in the movie you can see a stunt double for Donnie Wahlberg, like when he tries to hang himself. Art runs over and there is a wide shot focusing on both of them. No slo-mo required, but you can see it's a stunt double.



When Officer Rigg is walking through the school, before he finds Morgan and Rex in the rod trap, he walks by a dark room blocked off with police-barrier-tape. Originally, there was a scene that revealed this was the room where Troy from "Saw III" died, but it was cut, presumably for pacing reasons.