Flight of Fury

Plot hole: The admiral receives the news of the stolen aircraft from the general over an open radio, with umpteen enlisted personnel within earshot. However, when the air group commander asks what the OP is about, the admiral tells him that it is on a need-to-know basis.

Factual error: A SEAL team is sent in to Afghanistan; first they're referred to as "SEAL team Baker One", then a moment later they're "Ranger team Baker One". There's no part of that that isn't wrong. To make matters worse, the gear, weaponry and tactics they use are all wrong too as well as a single team being dispatched highly unlikely.

Andrew Perry

Plot hole: At 1900PST, the admiral instructs the air group commander to report to him. The commander finally shows up at 2100PST. No admiral would, with a potential air strike upcoming, countenance such a delay.

Plot hole: CAG gives the order to launch the squadron. First off is a F/A-18 with a tail designation of NE. Second off is a F-14 with a tail designation of NG. Not only a different squadron, but an entirely different ship. The next scene shows the strike force airborne, but now they're Air Force F-16's.

Plot hole: In order to attempt to recover a secret aircraft, Steven Seagal's character is instructed to abandon his own plane, a super-secret SR-71 Blackbird, at an airfield in Afghanistan.

Plot hole: At 0500PST the CAG suggests to the Admiral that they should take the plane out with an airstrike, because once it is airborne they won't be able to find it. However, it is not until four hours later that the CAG is actually briefed on the mission. How does he know the target before the briefing?

Plot hole: The general's aide gives her projections of the disease's spread over different time periods. Yet the only information they were given was that it was an "NBC" bomb, which meant it could have been a nuclear or chemical weapon.

Plot hole: The stolen plane, a modified F-117, flies from the lower 48 to Afghanistan without refueling, yet an SR-71 Blackbird, a long-range recon aircraft has to refuel.

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